Construction and Application of Text Entity Relation Joint Extraction Model Based on Multi-Head Attention Neural Network

Yafei Xue, Jing Zhu, Jing Lyu, Gengxin Sun
2022 Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience  
Entity relationship extraction is one of the key areas of information extraction and is an important research content in the field of natural language processing. Based on past research, this paper proposes a combined extraction model based on a multi-headed attention neural network. Based on the BERT training model architecture, this paper extracts textual entities and relations tasks. At the same time, it integrates the naming entity feature, the terminology labeling characteristics, and the
more » ... raining relationship. The multi-attention mechanism and improved neural structures are added to the model to enhance the characteristic extraction capacity of the model. By studying the parameters of the multi-head attention mechanism, it is shown that the optimal parameters of the multi-head attention are h = 8, dv = 16, and the classification effect of the model is the best at this time. After experimental analysis, comparing the traditional text entity relationship extraction model and the multi-head attention neural network joint extraction model, the model entity relationship extraction effect was evaluated from the aspects of comprehensive evaluation index F1, accuracy rate P, and system time consumed. Experiments show: First, in the accuracy indicator, Xception performance is best, reaching 87.7%, indicating that the model extraction feature effect is enhanced. Second, with the increase of the number of iterative times, the verification set curve and the training set curve have increased to 96% and 98%, respectively, and the model has a strong generalization ability. Third, the model completes the extraction of all data in the test set in 1005 ms, which is an acceptable speed. Therefore, the model test results in this article are good, with a strong practical value.
doi:10.1155/2022/1530295 pmid:35655501 pmcid:PMC9155959 fatcat:ch24cpgqsvarnbyd24nqsvenjy