A study into the Croatian language of medicine

Anamarija Gjuran-Coha, Brigita Bosnar-Valković
The language of medicine is the language for special purposes, aimed at communication among physicians and /or other health professionals and patients. It serves different purposes. Accordingly, it uses specific syntactic structures and specialized terminology. The Croatian medical language is not an exception. The study investigates the Croatian language of medicine. It has been changed throughout the history under the influence of different socio-political conditions. The Croatian language of
more » ... roatian language of medicine is mostly based on classical languages and they are still present in writing diagnoses. Except for minor influence of European languages in the past, nowadays English affects the national languages of medicine. It has become lingua franca of all scientific disciplines and its presence is inevitable in all languages. Only the languages with a strong purist tradition are deprived of its influence to some extent. The changes are not evident only on the lexical level, but the syntax is affected as well.