Personal indicators of academic mobility of students with disabilities in the context of professional training

Lyudmila M. Volosnikova, Evgeny A. Kukuev, Olga V. Ogorodnova, Inga V. Patrusheva
2021 Vestnik Nizhnevartovskogo Gosudarstvennogo Universiteta  
The openness of a modern university ensures that students from heterogeneous groups are included in education. Academic mobility is a significant trend in the global educational space. The success of the education of students with disabilities is determined by their personal readiness to be active and academically mobile. The authors note a tendency towards the implementation of academic mobility in the process of professional training mainly through the creation of external conditions. At the
more » ... conditions. At the same time, insufficient attention is paid to the analysis of mobility as a personal education, which determines the weak provision of the mechanisms of its formation, especially among students with disabilities. The purpose of this study is to analyze the personal indicators of academic mobility of students with disabilities based on respondents' portfolios containing information about the facts of academic mobility in the experience of students, a survey about the perceptions and motivation of respondents to implement academic mobility, the Tomsk Rigidity Questionnaire G.V. Zalevsky. The results obtained indicate the low activity of students in educational, scientific activities that go beyond the educational program. At the same time, more than half of the respondents are ready for academic mobility. Comparative analysis of the studied components in the samples of students with health standards and with disabilities showed: lack of expression of rigidity in students with disabilities; correlations between the characteristics of rigidity and disability features; the severity of the components of personal readiness for academic mobility among students with disabilities. The presented results are unique and prove the importance of inclusive transformation of the educational space of universities to ensure the possibility of learning and academic mobility of students of heterogeneous groups.
doi:10.36906/2311-4444/21-1/08 fatcat:cvj5cu7dgrdv3ffne3dbjwyeze