Analysis of effects of RF waves on Rail Track Analysis of effects of Rf waves on Rail Track Lohar et al CS 00

Lohar Anil, Musale Jitendra, Amit Kadam
2018 unpublished
In rapidly growing countries like India train transportation is majorly used due to the cost effective solution of transportation. The train transportation depends on the rails or tracks. If there is break or crack or any other fault present over the track it creates a serious problem.. Railways track failure is big issue and to recognize the failure before the train travels on the same track is under development using Voltage Standing Wave Ratio technique. Project laid on development system
more » ... velopment system for processing VSWR (Voltage standing wave ratio) signals received from VSWR meter. In the wireless transmission system the reflected power and voltage standing wave ratio figures are having importance related to its best performance.. These waves can be captured using VSWR meter/through line power meters and makes its online analysis. The electronic system is used to capture and further processing of signals. The proposed system in this paper is used to rectify all these problems. Typically this paper gives the brief description of effect of RF waves on railway track. An electronic circuit is built to analyse the RF signal. Further the output of this electronic circuit is connected to Raspberry pi for further processing