Correction of Superior Sulcus Deformity and Enophthalmos with Porous High-density Polyethylene Sheet in Anophthalmic Patients

Byeung-hun Choi, Sang-hyeok Lee, Wha-sun Chung
2005 Korean Journal of Ophthalmology  
Purpose: Superior sulcus deformity is the main cosmetic problem in anophthalmic patients. Many methods of correcting enophthalmos have been reported, especially in patients with orbital wall fracture. The purpose of this study is to review the long term results of effectiveness in superior sulcus deformity correction by subperiosteal Medpor ® sheet implantation in anophthalmic patients. Methods: Subperiosteal Medpor ® sheets were used in 11 eyes of 11 anophthalmic patients. To estimate the
more » ... tiveness, photographs were taken and exophthalmometric value with their own prosthesis using Hertel exophthalmometer was measured in all patients before and after surgery. Results: The overall cosmetic results in superior sulcus deformity were 'excellent' in 3 (27.3%), 'good' in 6 (54.5%), 'fair' in 2 (18.2%). The overall results in enophthalmos were 'excellent' in 3 (27.2%), 'markedly improved' in 4 (36.4%), 'slightly improved' in 4 (36.4%). Most patients had a marked increase in orbital volume, except two patients. They received irradiation treatment in early childhood so showed unsatisfactory results in both superior sulcus deformity and enophthalmos. Conclusions: Subperiosteal Medpor ® sheet implantation is considered to be a reliable and safe procedure without serious complication and with an excellent cosmetic results.
doi:10.3341/kjo.2005.19.3.168 pmid:16209276 fatcat:a37zqjdbbrgkngtneo5ejrjvyu