Biopsychosocial view to pseudocyesis: A narrative review

Marzieh Azizi, Forouzan Elyasi
2017 International Journal of Reproductive BioMedicine  
Pseudocyesis is a psychopathological clinical syndrome in which a non-pregnant woman firmly believes herself to be pregnant and manifests many symptoms and signs of pregnancy. Although the exact etiology of pseudocyesis has not been determined. Results: Findings were classified into 2 main categories: a) pseudocyesis etiology, which could include (biological psychological factors and psychiatric disorders, and social factors); and b) pseudocyesis management. Conclusion: Pseudocyesis results
more » ... ocyesis results from a multidimensional group of factors, and a holistic and comprehensive approach should be taken to its treatment. Cooperation between gynecologists and psychiatrists would likely be useful in addressing the condition.
doi:10.29252/ijrm.15.9.535 fatcat:t2q4rolmpnevrgpzpdcgnoembi