Towards the Standardization of Industrial Scientific and Engineering Workflows with QVT Transformations

Corina Abdelahad, Daniel Riesco, Alessandro Carrara, Carlo Comin, Carlos Kavka
International Journal on Advances in Software   unpublished
Nowadays, design activities in engineering and many other applied science fields require the execution of computational models in order to simulate experiments. This step is usually automated through the execution of the so-called scientific workflows. A large number of different graphic and execution formats are currently in use today, with no clear signs of convergence into a standard format. Things are different in the area of business processes, where many standards have been defined for
more » ... been defined for both the graphical and the execution representation of business process workflows. Significant efforts are currently being carried out to apply business workflow technology into engineering fields. Nevertheless, one of the main obstacles for the industrial adoption of standards is the large base of existing workflows used currently by industry, which cannot be just thrown away. This paper presents a model-to-model transformation using QVT between a widely used industrial metamodel and the BPMN 2.0 standard metamodel. Legacy workflow support is an essential first step to allow the introduction of the use of a business process standard in scientific and engineering industrial applications.