A Poética do Cotidiano em Curtas-metragens: os conflitos sociais entre o drama e a tragédia

ZANETTI, Daniela
2009 Contemporanea : Revista de Comunicação e Cultura  
The article brings analyses of some award-winning short films that compose a sample of what is called the film periphery, presenting some features of this audiovisual production, shown in various festivals, and also available in the Internet. The content is part of a larger study, which seeks to map these audiovisual products, examine them and understand their ways of representation and of discursive production. The film analysis with focus on narrative strategies was used as the basis for the
more » ... the basis for the study of these short films, aiming to identify the ways of approach of the subjects like violence and drug trafficking. As a result, the films present some characteristics in common, specially with regard to the construction of the characters and of the represented spaces (slums, suburbs), and to the "moral" of the stories, which do not bring a comforting end. It is also important to note that the short films analysed do not represent the totality of the cinema of the periphery (which is heterogeneous), but a part of this particular production,specially the one related to the context of Rio de Janeiro city.
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