Eternal Questions of Gifted Education from the Aspect of University Teachers

János SZABÓ, György RÉVÉSZ
2018 Journal for the Education of Gifted Young Scientists  
Almost every man has different conception about the meaning of talent. The situation is similarly complicated among the professionals: Talent has so many definitions that it needs to create different categories to organize them. Hence "talent" has no official unified definition, characteristics of talent gives a knotty question even to the professionals who care with the investigation of talent, not only for laymen. Is it coded into our genes? Is it a privilege just for some persons? Could it
more » ... persons? Could it be measured objectively? Such and similar questions (seven) were integrated into the questionnaire of this research. The main goal was to explore the opinion of the university-teachers (N=273) who have experience about the cooperation with talented students. After a general investigation, I have compared the attitudes among different science-areas. After that, I have compared it with a miscellaneous (in the aspect of the science-area) control group which consisted from German professors (N=48). 3Due to the ANOVA-results, we can conclude that there was concordance among the scientists of the different areas about the eternal dilemmas: In the cases of six questions from the seven, there was no significant difference among the groups (science-areas). The only exception was the question about the appearing-time of the talent (early or late?).
doi:10.17478/jegys.2018.72 fatcat:l4xejnw76jhfxa63tzo6pm7o4a