High voltage pulse cable and connector experience in the kicker systems at SLAC

K. Harris, M. Artusy, A. Donaldson, T. Mattison
Conference Record of the 1991 IEEE Particle Accelerator Conference  
The SLAC 2-mile linear accelerator uses a wide variety of pulse kicker systems that require high voltage cable and connectors 10 deliver pulses from the drivers to the magnet loads. Many of the drivers in the SLAC kicker systems use cable Icngihs up to 80 feet and are required to deliver pulses up to 40 W, with rise and fall times on the order of 20 ns. Significant pulse degradation from the cable and connector assembly cannot be tolerated. Other drivers are required to deliver up to 80 kV, 20
more » ... s pulses over cables 20 feci long. Several combinations of an applicable high voltage cable and matching connector have been used at SLAC to determine the optimum assembly that meets the necessary specifications and is reliable. I. SLAC KICKER SYSTEMS There are a total of seven continuously operating kicker systems currently in use in the SLAC Linear Collider (SLC,) divided into three basic types, LC discharge kickers (for Final Focus.) Fermi-type long-pulse cable kickers, and Blumlcin short-pulse kickers I'l" Ml. The primary use of Ihc kickers are for injection and extraction of the e-and e+ bunches into the SLC damping rings, to divert e-bunches to produce e+ bunches, and to dump the beams at the final focus points. The long-pulse kickers are located in the e-north damping ring, and the short-pulse kickers are located in the e+ south damping ring and at the e+ target area, and the LC discharge kickers are for beam dumping at the final focus area. The SLC kickers systems and damping rings are described in detail in several other papers being presented at the 1991 IEEE Particle Accelerator Conference W-[51-171.
doi:10.1109/pac.1991.165220 fatcat:3xc7plnhcbca5kslqjvilbxjx4