Return to the Soil Nanopaper Sensor Device for Hyperdense Sensor Networks [component]

A nanopaper sensor device that combines humidity sensing, wireless information transmission, and degradability has been fabricated using wood-derived nanopaper as the substrate and dielectric layers. The nanopaper shows excellent suitability for capacitor dielectric layers because of its high dielectric constant, insulating properties suitable for thin film formation, and lamination properties. A wireless transmission circuit containing the nanopaper capacitor can transmit radio signals in the
more » ... egahertz band, and the relative humidity change can be output as a change in the radio signal owing to the humidity sensitivity of the nanopaper capacitor. More than 95% of the total volume of the nanopaper sensor device decomposes in soil after 40 days. Because the nanopaper sensor device does not need to be recovered, it is expected to greatly contribute to a sustainable society through realization of hyperdense observation networks by mass installation of sensor devices.
doi:10.1021/acsami.9b13886.s001 fatcat:ltfhwyucejdvbapdpd4ug3itzm