1895 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
PUBLIC HEALTH. [M xB;trrt 623 tioner to the bond filde patients whose names appear in the books for the last three years. such being the period on which the value of practices for disposal is generally based. Printed circulars are held objectionable, inasmuch as such are the usual medium of trade in contradistinefion to professioDal announcements. DEvoN.-If our correspondent thinks the subject matter of his letter relative to another practitioner worth notice (which we do not), it might be well
more » ... to call on the editor of the newspaper referred to, or by courteous note to ascertain, if possible, the source of Inspiration of the paragraph in question. and acquaint us with the result. We may add that the discerning public can hardly be misled as to the real object of the ungrammatical self-advertising note of the practitioner alluded to. CHARGE OF MANSLAUGHTER AGAINST A MIDWIFE. AT the conclusion of the hearing ot the case against Mrs. Rake-a midwife charged with the manslaughter of a woman by communicating to her puerperal fever-the accused was committed for trial. MEDICO-PARLIAMENTARY1 HOUSE OF COMMONS. Medical Division of the War Office.-Mr. HANBURY asked the Financial Secretary to the War Office whether he was now in a position to state the result of the inquiries promised during the debate on the medical vote last year, into the distribution of the duties in the medical division of the War Office.-Mr. WOODALL, in reply, said that the Secretary of State made full inquiry into the distribution of work in the medical division of the War Office, and satisfied himself that the professional officers and the civilians were appropriately employed on professional and clerical work respectively. Medical officers, who were necessarily changed frequently, could not properly discharge the duties which devolved upon the principal civilian clerk. Rabies.-Mr. H. GARDNER, in reply to Major RAsCH, said that the number of cases of rabies in dogs
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