Collatz Sequences in the Light of Graph Theory

Eldar Sultanow, Christian Koch, Sean Cox
The Collatz conjecture is a number theoretical problem, which has puzzled countless researchers using myriad approaches. Presently, there are scarcely any methodologies to describe and treat the problem from the perspective of the Algebraic Theory of Automata. Such an approach is promising with respect to facilitating the comprehension of the Collatz sequences "mechanics". The systematic technique of a state machine is both simpler and can fully be described by the use of algebraic means. The
more » ... ebraic means. The current gap in research forms the motivation behind the present contribution. The present authors are convinced that exploring the Collatz conjecture in an algebraic manner, relying on findings and fundamentals of Graph Theory and Automata Theory, will simplify the problem as a whole.
doi:10.25932/publishup-43741 fatcat:6ewxjkxpfvdnvlwegi5fgeun3m