Composition of modules' stock using simulated annealing

C. da Cunha, B. Agard
(ISATP 2005). The 6th IEEE International Symposium on Assembly and Task Planning: From Nano to Macro Assembly and Manufacturing, 2005.  
An assemble to order policy considers a trade-off between the size of product portfolio and assembly lead time. The concept of modular design is often used to implement the assemble to order policy. Modular design impacts assembly of products and the supply chain. In particular storage, transportation and production are affected by the selected modular structure. For a fixed number of modules, a stock composition that minimizes the mean final assembly time is difficult to establish. This
more » ... ablish. This problem is highly combinatorial; it is not achievable to look for an optimal solution. A first step leads to the elaboration of heuristics. This article proposes to combine the results operated with this heuristics to the use of a simulated annealing algorithm. Computational results showed that this method could be efficient.
doi:10.1109/isatp.2005.1511464 fatcat:2dikefwp7vdlhht5vfompeozwm