Pengaruh Nilai Tukar Petani dan Kebijakan Fiskal terhadap Pengentasan Kemiskinan di Pulau Sumatra (Studi Komparatif terhadap Kemiskinan Moneter dan Kemiskinan Multidimensi)

Muhamad Fathul Muin, Lambang Haris Wijayanto, Bimo Aji Dimas Danindro
2020 Zenodo  
The Covid-19 has reduced the pace of the national economy, including on Sumatra Island. The resulting domino effect is the increasing number of poor people, especially those focused on the agricultural sector in rural areas. The effort to overcome this problem, an effective and efficient policy strategy framework is needed. Therefore, this study aims to analyze the effect of Farmer Exchange Rates, the realization of Social Assistance, and Village Budget on the alleviation of monetary poverty
more » ... multidimensional poverty in Sumatra Island. This study's analytical method is a panel regression analysis of 10 provinces on Sumatra with the data period from 2015-2018. This study finds that the Farmer Exchange Rate, the realization of Government Spending for Social Assistance, and the Village Budget realization are proven to influence the number of poor people in this region. The government can take some policies to solve this poverty. First, stabilizing agricultural commodity prices through trade between provinces and rescheduling farming schedules. Second, giving additional focus to long-term social assistance programs and ensuring the accuracy of program recipients' targets. The last, encouraging the realization of the Village Budget, especially for community empowerment-based.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4172280 fatcat:u3fsptcnirel3p7ngae3udgwva