Biotechnology method of salmon protection against vibriosis

A E Droshnev, E A Zavyalova, L A Fedotov, D A Alontseva, A M Gulyukin
2019 IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environment  
Our country has all potential for development of an aquaculture as one of sectors of agriculture, due to a huge number of fresh water areas and the extended line of the seas. Vibriosis is a bacterial salmon disease, it is one of the reasons of the volumes of the fish which is grown up in a mariculture constraining increase. Modern trends on refusal of use in agriculture of antibiotic drugs, to creation of eco-friendly productions and decrease in economic expenses in fish breeding set a world
more » ... k of use of biotechnology methods of protection of fishes against infectious diseases, in particular from vibriosis. In the present article results of designing of vaccine from domestic strains of vibrioes are provided. It is shown that immunization of fish antigens of the tested strains of vibrioes (Listonella anguillarum) in an inoculative dose 7х108 m.c. with adjuvant ensures safety of a livestock to 97%, does not cause allergic reactions, the host defense remains not less than 12 months.
doi:10.1088/1755-1315/315/7/072010 fatcat:6fh2tklvqvfthnkxhy3ojltcli