Topology Optimization of Elastoplastic Behavior Conditions by Selectively Suppressing Plastic Work

Eun-Ho Lee, Tae-Hyun Kim
2020 Mathematics  
This work conducted topology optimization with an implicit analysis of elastoplastic constitutive equation in order to design supporting structures for unexpected heavy loading conditions. In this topology optimization model, plastic work was extracted from strain energy and selectively employed in the objective function according to deformation mode. While strain energy was minimized in elastic deformation areas, in elastoplastic deformation areas, the plastic work was minimized for the
more » ... of suppressing plastic deformation. This method can focus on suppressing plastic strain in the plastic deformation zone with maintaining elastic stiffness in the elastic deformation zone. These formulations were implemented into MATLAB and applied to three optimization problems. The elastoplastic optimization results were compared to pure elastic design results. The comparison showed that structures designed with accounting for plastic deformation had a reinforced area where plastic deformation occurs. Finally, a finite element analysis was conducted to compare the mechanical performances of structures with respect to the design method.
doi:10.3390/math8112062 fatcat:vqlylbdztjaxzl2p4nwhqux3om