Application of 3-D Euler Deconvolution Technique to Aeromagnetic Data of Ilorin and Osi, Northcentral Nigeria

Lawal, T Salawu
2016 Zimbabwe Journal of Science & Technology pp   unpublished
Euler deconvolution of the Aeromagnetic Data of Ilorin and Osi in the North central part of Nigeria was carried out to identify, determine the depths to various magnetic sources and the geometry of the magnetic sources with prescribed values of the structural indices that ranges from 1.0 to 3.0 in the study area. Analytic signal grid was obtained from the Aeromagnetic map of the study area. Furthermore, the Euler solutions for structural index of 1.0 have their depths values ranging from 106 to
more » ... 360 m for Ilorin and 71 to 389 m for Osi, while for structural index of 2.0 have their depth values ranging from 185 to 571 m for Ilorin and 167 to 523 m for Osi and structural index of 3.0 have their depths values ranging from 276 to 750 m for Ilorin and 280 to 743 m for Osi. The result from the interpretation of the obtained different structural indices has enabled a rapid determination of the locations and depths of magnetic sources such as sills and dykes which could be attributed to occurrence of feldspar in the study area.