Herstellung von zylindrischen, koaxial-gedrifteten Germanium-pin-Zaehlern mit grossem empfindlichen Volumen [report]

O. Meyer, M. Baumgaertner, F. Wuechner
A detailed description of construction and performance of coaxial Li-drifted Germanium detectors with active volumes between 20 and 40 cm 3 is given. Doppel-open end detectors with circular cross section show a smaller distribution in rise time than detectors with trapezoidal cross section or detectors with one open end. The energy resolution (3.3 KeV for E y = 661 KeV) is comparable with the energy resolution of planar drifted detectors.
doi:10.5445/ir/270002056 fatcat:utnoaopf4zfqvgjye6kgak3iru