Numerical Analysis Unsaturated Seepage of Loess Slope

Yan Yu, Guoqiang Ou, Jun Wang, Cheng Qiao
According to the theory of unsaturated seepage, a 2-D geometric model of unsaturated loess slope, combined Richard equation and van Genuchten equation, considering water migration, seepage velocity and changes of negative pore water pressure, is established. And water migration, the change of seepage velocity and negative pore water pressure of the model were simulated and analyzed by applying COMSOL software. The results show that the negative pore water pressure decreases dramatically as
more » ... ramatically as unsaturated loess becoming saturated, the relationship between seepage velocity and seepage time and the relationship between negative pore water pressure and seepage time can all be expressed in parabolic form. Numerical analysis of the water migration and the change of negative pore water pressure and seepage velocity of unsaturated loess slope provide loess engineering problems with theoretical basis.