New Method of Making Chloride of Lime

1848 Scientific American  
Scientific :lmerican. Practical Receipts. scarce. They produce them in the following manner. These leguminous fl'Uits, in a dried state, are soaked for four hours in a dish �on . (aining water and a!e afterwards covered with I straw. The germs or sprouts will reach in two I days a length of an inch and a hall. Thl:yare then freed from the remnants of the seed, and either stewed in beef or mutton broth, or else boiled in water and served up in the shape at a salad. Prepared by a German Chemist
more » ... a German Chemist for the BruShes made of Q,ullls, i ScientiJir .flmerican. Badin manufactures Brushes in Paris, of i New Method to obtain Starch without Q ui lls, which he splits by a mechanical pro· I . �crme�'tatlon. , . I
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican08051848-368e fatcat:2qxgoinfhbbb3j5ohu2gjplfjm