Communication III (Immunological Control) [chapter]

Mirjana Pavlovic
2014 Bioengineering  
Once you die it only takes a few weeks for these organisms to completely dismantle your body and carry it away , until all that ' s left is a skeleton. Obviously your immune system is doing something amazing to keep all of that dismantling from happening when you are alive . (1951-) One of controlling systems in the body which the body also uses for communication ( externally and internally ) is the Immune system , based upon existence of MHC molecules fundamental for recognition , and other
more » ... tion , and other molecules responsible for antigen -presentation and immediate or postponed reaction to it. The fundamental unique feature of immune system cells is the capability of distinguishing " self " from " nonself " cells and proteins. Communication between different cell types of the immune system is critical in the recognition of self , surveillance , defense , and clearance of foreign invaders. These signaling mechanisms involve direct cellcell signaling as well as autocrine and paracrine signaling. The essential feature of particular cells of immunological system is memory and although still known at the level of phenomenology , presents the basis for vaccines . Marshall Brain
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