Universal consistent truncation for 6d/7d gauge/gravity duals

Achilleas Passias, Andrea Rota, Alessandro Tomasiello
2015 Journal of High Energy Physics  
Recently, AdS 7 solutions of IIA supergravity have been classified; there are infinitely many of them, whose expression is known analytically, and with internal space of S 3 topology. Their field theory duals are six-dimensional (1, 0) SCFT's. In this paper we show that for each of these AdS 7 solutions there exists a consistent truncation from massive IIA supergravity to minimal gauged supergravity in seven dimensions. This theory has an SU(2) gauge group, and a single scalar, whose value is
more » ... lated to a certain distortion of the internal S 3 . This explains the universality observed in recent work on AdS 5 and AdS 4 solutions dual to compactifications of the (1, 0) SCFT 6 's. Thanks to previous work on the minimal gauged supergravity, the truncation also implies the existence of holographic RG-flows connecting those solutions to the AdS 7 vacuum, as well as new classes of IIA AdS 3 solutions.
doi:10.1007/jhep10(2015)187 fatcat:mirbkij4mfd3tmidqeay77i4ue