Providing Security for user Images stored in Social Networking site

Sarpuru Venkatesh, P Suresh, P Suresh, Asst Professor
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
The term "social media" refers to the wide range of Internet-based and mobile services that allow users to participate in online exchanges, contribute user-created content, or join online communities. Online social networks are websites that allow users to build connections and relationships to other Internet users. Social networks store information remotely, rather than on a user's personal computer. Social networking can be used to keep in touch with friends, make new contacts and find people
more » ... cts and find people with similar interests and ideas. The relation between privacy and a person's social network is multi-faceted. There is a need to develop more security mechanisms for different communication technologies, particularly online social networks. Privacy is essential to the design of security mechanisms. Most social networks providers have offered privacy settings to allow or deny others access to personal information details. In certain occasions we want information about ourselves to be known only by a small circle of close friends, and not by strangers. In other instances, we are willing to reveal personal information to anonymous strangers, but not to those who know us better, Social media's become one of the most important part of our daily life as it enables us to communicate with a lot of people. Creation of social networking sites such as MySpace, LinkedIn, and Face book, individuals are given opportunities to meet new people and friends in their own and also in the other diverse communities across the world. Users of social-networking services share an abundance of personal information with a large number of "friends." This improved technology leads to privacy violation where the users are sharing the large volumes of images across more number of peoples. This privacy need to be taken care in order to improve the user satisfaction level. The goal of this survey is to provide a comprehensive review of various privacy policy approaches to improve the security of information shared in the social mediasites.