Compaction of Cohesive Granular Material: Application to Carbon Paste

Zahraa Kansoun, Hicham Chaouki, Donald Picard, Julien Lauzon-Gauthier, Houshang Alamdari, Mario Fafard
2021 Materials  
Carbon-like materials such as the anode and the ramming paste play a crucial role in the efficiency of the Hall–Héroult process. The mechanical behavior of these materials during forming processes is complex and still ill-understood. This work aimed to investigate experimentally the mechanical behavior of a carbon paste used in the aluminum industry under different loading conditions. For this purpose, experiments consisting of (1) relaxation tests at different compaction levels, (2)
more » ... c cyclic tests at several amplitudes, (3) monotonic compaction tests at varied strain rates, and (4) vibrocompaction tests at different frequencies were carried out. The obtained results highlight some fundamental aspects of the carbon paste behavior such as the strain rate's effect on the paste compressibility, the hardening-softening behavior under cyclic loadings, the effect of cycling amplitude on the stress state and the paste densification, and the frequency effect on the vibrocompaction process. These results pave the way for the development of reliable rheological models for the modeling and the numerical simulation of carbon pastes forming processes.
doi:10.3390/ma14040704 pmid:33546121 fatcat:xunusinsybbtnjfyqps4vqhbkm