Condensation of electron-hole pairs in a degenerate semiconductor at room temperature

Peter P. Vasil'ev, Igor V. Smetanin
2006 Physical Review B  
It has been theoretically shown that in large-density semiconductor plasma there exist an energy level of a bound electron-hole pair (a composite boson) at the band gap. Filling this level up occurs through the condensation of electron-hole pairs with the use of mediating photons of a resonant electromagnetic field. We have demonstrated that in the case of a strong degeneracy of the plasma the critical temperature of the condensation is determined by the Fermi energies of the plasma components
more » ... ather than the order parameter D. The critical temperature can exceed 300 K at electron-hole densities as large as 6.1018 cm-3. The theoretical model is consistent with available experimental data
doi:10.1103/physrevb.74.125206 fatcat:4gcli2iiyveppb7pfmo7ehso6a