Vassar College Digital Window @ Vassar Does Post-Graduate Education Affect Women's Investment in Health? 1

Shirley Johnson-Lans, Adam Greenberg, Tsvetan Tsvetanov, Shirley Johnson-Lans, Shirley Johnson-Lans
2005 unpublished
Does the well established positive association between education and investment in health hold for education beyond college? This study examines the effect of having a postgraduate degree on investment in health, using an original data set composed of samples of several alumnae classes of women educated at the same undergraduate institution. The probability that a woman will have a biannual general physical, gynecological examination, mammogram, or a flu shot is modeled as a function of her
more » ... ation level and demographic and socioeconomic characteristics. Whether those with postgraduate education behave differently with respect to other health-related life style choices is also investigated. JEL codes: I12, I20, J16