Single monthly administration of the anti-progestagen Org 31710 in users of the 75 μg desogestrel progestagen-only pill: effects on pituitary–ovarian activity

A.M. van Heusden, S.R. Killick, H.J.T.Coelingh Bennink, B.C.J.M. Fauser
2000 Human Reproduction  
Hodgen and colleagues (Van Uem et al., 1989) demonstrated Gynaecology, Erasmus University Medical Centre Rotterdam, in monkeys that the anti-progesterone mifepristone could 3015 GD induce amenorrhoea by inhibiting oestrogen-induced endometand Gynaecology, University of Hull, Hull HU8 9HE, UK and 3 Medical Research and Development Unit, N.V. Organon, 5340 BH rial proliferation. Low-dose mifepristone induced endometrial Oss, The Netherlands Study design and subjects suppression of the
more » ... of the pituitary-ovarian axis, altered oestradiol A phase II, double-blind, placebo-controlled two-centre study was feedback mechanisms, and/or altered receptor availability. conducted to investigate the effects of 150 mg Org 31710 given once per 28 days on serum concentrations of follicle stimulating hormone Key words: anti-progestagen/contraception/endometrium/pitu-(FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), oestradiol and progesterone, follic- itary-ovarian activity/progestagen only contraception ular diameters and endometrial thickness assessed by transvaginal sonography in healthy, female subjects using a 75 µg DSG POP. This two-centre study, which was performed as part of a larger multicentre study (n ϭ 104; six centres) assessing the safety and probable efficacy
doi:10.1093/humrep/15.3.629 pmid:10686210 fatcat:yx36f5ye35asxkcpomwj3soo3y