Pigmented Intramucosal Nevus of Gingiva: A Case Report

Vinaya Kumar, Kranti Ii, Hema Seshan, Iii
on average, but intraoral lesions are much less common. 1 Pigmented nevi are uncommon lesions in the oral cavity and were found in only 0.1% of patients in a large survey (King O H et al, 1967). Most reports are of isolated cases or of a small series of cases. Pigmented nevi are benign tumors of the skin and mucosa characterized by the presence of melaninproducing, neuroectodermal derived cells. The Intramucosal nevus is composed of a bulk of nevus cells in the lamina propria, which do not
more » ... ct the basement membrane. This article presents a case report of a 41-year old female patient with confirmed diagnosis of Intramucosal nevus of gingiva. A systematic and careful diagnostic approach should be used when confronting pigmented lesions in the oral cavity. Surgical removal of suspected pigmented nevi is recommended because the oral mucosa is under continuous challenges and the junctional variant may undergo malignant transformation.