V Savchenko
The influence of magnetic field on ion transport in plant cells. The dependences of changes in the concentration of ions and electrolytic conductivity cell plants of magnetic field parameters. The magnetic field, magnetic induction, magnetic field gradient, speed ions, ion concentration, conductivity electrolytic cell. Pre-sowing seed treatment in a magnetic field makes it possible to increase crop yield and quality, reduce the incidence of plants and reduce storage losses. For the successful
more » ... or the successful implementation of this technology is necessary to establish the mechanism of action of a magnetic field on seed and tuber crops, justify processing modes that will create equipment that would ensure optimal processing mode. The purpose of research-the elucidation of the mechanism of the magnetic field to change the concentration of ions in plant cell and its electrolytic conductivity. Methods of research. Currently, it is believed that the transport of batteries into the cell by two autonomous mechanisms-passive movement of substances for electrochemical gradient and their transfer to the active electrochemical gradient. Because ions have electric charge, their distribution between the cell and the environment is defined as the potential difference and the difference of concentrations. In aggregate, these two values are denoted as electrochemical gradient [1]. Under the influence of diffusion capacity ions begin the orderly movement, creating an electrical current. The amount of power equal to the total charge positively and negatively charged ions that pass through pores in the membrane per unit time.