Medizinische Lehrtexte aus diachronischer Sicht: strukturrelevante Aspekte einer Textsortenklassenbeschreibung

Alessandra Zurolo
2021 Acta Facultatis Philosophicae Universitatis Ostraviensis Studia Germanistica  
Medical textbooks from a diachronic perspective: structural aspects relevant to a genre-class description This paper presents some results from a wider study which aims to define the features of German medical textbooks from a diachronic perspective. The medical textbook is presented here as a genre-class (Textsortenklasse) subsuming all texts written for didactic purposes in the field of medicine, i.e. texts aiming to present the theoretical and practical background required in this particular
more » ... in this particular specialist professional field. Since the lingua franca of academic communication was Latin until the 18 th century, the corpus used for this study mainly comprises surgery textbooks. The paper focuses solely on structural aspects of textbooks, seeking to show how these aspects functionally contribute to the realization of the general textual function and thereby constitute a historically established conventionalized scheme underlying genres. However, a thorough and effective description of a genre-class requires a much more extensive approach including more interrelated levels of analysis.
doi:10.15452/studiagermanistica.2020.27.0007 fatcat:75rsrh2ravawxe2m7jjgipihbi