Non-Destructive Assessment of the Elastic Properties of Low-Grade CLT Panels

Alexander Opazo-Vega, Franco Benedetti, Mario Nuñez-Decap, Nelson Maureira-Carsalade, Claudio Oyarzo-Vera
2021 Forests  
The use of cross-laminated timber panels (CLT) made of low-grade structural timber has steadily increased in developing countries. These panels usually present several natural defects, which can cause a high local variation of their orthotropic elastic properties, generating future structural serviceability problems. Our work aims to estimate the local variability of the elastic properties in low-grade CLT panels by combining nondestructive transverse vibration testing, numerical simulations,
more » ... d regional sensitivity analysis (RSA). Four three-layer Radiata pine CLT panels were subjected to transverse vibration tests with supports at four points. Besides, a series of numerical simulations of the panels, considering the local variability of the elastic properties of the panels in eight zones, were carried out using the finite element method. Then, RSA analysis was performed to study in which ranges of values the panels' elastic properties generated lower differences between the measured versus simulated dynamic properties. Finally, a structural quality control indicator was proposed for the CLT panels based on keeping low the probability that the elastic properties in the central zones do not exceed minimum acceptable values. The results obtained suggest that the proposed methodology is suitable for segregating CLT panels with high concentrations of defects such as pith presence.
doi:10.3390/f12121734 fatcat:x5ku2rxqsnaabfjwg4co6rngsm