The Response Improvement of PD Type FLC System by Self Tuning
자기동조에 의한 PD 형 퍼지제어시스템의 응답 개선

Hansoo Choi, Kyoung-Woong Lee
2012 Journal of Institute of Control Robotics and Systems  
This study proposes a method for improvement of PD type fuzzy controller. The method includes self tuner using gradient algorithm that is one of the optimization algorithms. The proposed controller improves simple Takagi-Sugeno type FLC (Fuzzy Logic Control) system. The simple Takagi-Sugeno type FLC system changes nonlinear characteristic to linear parameters of consequent membership function. The simple FLC system could control the system by calibrating parameter of consequent membership
more » ... nt membership function that changes the system response. While the determination on parameter of the simple FLC system works well only partially, the proposed method is needed to determine parameters that work for overall response. The simple FLC system doesn't predict the response characteristics. While the simple FLC system works just like proportional part of PID, our system includes derivative part to predict the next response. The proposed controller is constructed with P part and D part FLC system that characteristic parameter on system response is changed by self tuner for effective response. Since the proposed controller doesn't include integral part, it can't eliminate steady state error. So we include a gain to eliminate the steady state error.
doi:10.5302/j.icros.2012.18.12.1101 fatcat:uaffiyzdvjdynojcepih4rlmum