Cancellation of Raman self-frequency shift for compression of optical pulses [article]

Sabrina Pickartz, Carsten Brée, Uwe Bandelow, Shalva Amiranashvili, University, My, University, My
We study to which extent a fiber soliton can be manipulated by a specially chosen continuous pump wave. A group velocity matched pump scatters at the soliton, which is compressed due to the energy/momentum transfer. As the pump scattering is very sensitive to the velocity matching condition, soliton compression is quickly destroyed by the soliton self-frequency shift (SSFS). This is especially true for ultrashort pulses: SSFS inevitably impairs the degree of compression. We demonstrate
more » ... ly that soliton enhancement can be restored to some extent and the compressed soliton can be stabilized, provided that SSFS is canceled by a second pump wave. Still the available compression degree is considerably smaller than that in the Raman-free nonlinear fibers.
doi:10.34657/2087 fatcat:f5vrssdr6fdd7hgrckljbz7hh4