Ідентичність Як Ціннісна Основа Світогляду Сучасної Вітчизняної Вищої Школи

М.В. Єгупов
2015 Zenodo  
The functional efficiency of modern national higher school depends on many determinative factors. Their number and hierarchy of them are changing according to social and cultural priorities of the concrete historical society. The only factor that does not undergo revision and each time has a successful rotation is a worldview level, which is designed to ensure higher education. Since the value-criteria basis of worldview in the modern national higher school is formed by the ideas of identity,
more » ... deas of identity, this aspect acquires distinctive attributes of a study. Keywords: identity, worldview level, functional efficiency, modern national higher education, socio-cultural priorities, value-criteria basis.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.22412 fatcat:pcn6opbl5jcofas4p6kv22ec74