Mapping multiple photonic qubits into and out of one solid-state atomic ensemble

Imam Usmani, Mikael Afzelius, Hugues de Riedmatten, Nicolas Gisin
2010 Nature Communications  
The future challenge of quantum communication are scalable quantum networks, which require coherent and reversible mapping of photonic qubits onto stationary atomic systems (quantum memories). A crucial requirement for realistic networks is the ability to efficiently store multiple qubits in one quantum memory. Here we demonstrate coherent and reversible mapping of 64 optical modes at the single photon level in the time domain onto one solid-state ensemble of rare-earth ions. Our light-matter
more » ... terface is based on a high-bandwidth (100 MHz) atomic frequency comb, with a pre-determined storage time of 1 microseconds. We can then encode many qubits in short <10 ns temporal modes (time-bin qubits). We show the good coherence of the mapping by simultaneously storing and analyzing multiple time-bin qubits.
doi:10.1038/ncomms1010 pmid:20975673 fatcat:lrlbdazju5cyvoc4nxenkfjfgm