Efficient online computation of core speeds to maximize the throughput of thermally constrained multi-core processors

Ravishankar Rao, Sarma Vrudhula
2008 2008 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Computer-Aided Design  
We address the problem of efficient online computation of the speeds of different cores of a multi-core processor to maximize the throughput (which is expressed as a weighted sum of the speeds), subject to an upper bound on the core temperatures. We first compute the solution for steady-state thermal conditions by solving a linear program. We then present two approaches to computing the transient speed curves for each core: (i) a local solution, which involves solving a linear program every
more » ... step (of about 10 ms), and (ii) a global solution, which computes the optimal speed curve over a large time window (of about 100 s) by solving a non-linear program. We showed that the local solution is insensitive to the weights assigned in the performance objective (hence the need for the global solution). This is because a reduction in the speed of a core can only reduce the temperature of the other cores over much larger time periods (of the order of several seconds). The local solution is then completely determined by the temperature constraint equations. We show that the constraint matrix exhibits a special property -it can be expressed as the sum of a diagonal matrix and a matrix with identical rows. This allows us to solve the multi-core thermal constraint equations analytically to determine the (temporally) local optimum speeds. Further, we showed that due to this property, the steady-state speed solution selects a set of threads to operate at maximum temperature, and turns off all unused cores. Hence, to ensure that all available threads are scheduled, we impose a "fairness" constraint. Finally, we show how the open-loop speed control methods proposed above could be used together with a feedback controller to achieve robustness to model uncertainty.
doi:10.1109/iccad.2008.4681627 dblp:conf/iccad/RaoV08 fatcat:3auhykzfr5hc7kyo6gpcozeggq