Liu Na, Oleksandr Gerasin, Andrіy Topalov, Anton Karpechenko
2021 Upravlìnnâ rozvitkom skladnih sistem  
The work is devoted to the consideration and analysis of a set of tasks of monitoring and automatic control of modern mobile robots, designed for automation of various types of technological operations in agriculture. Studies indicate high activity of manufacturing companies and scientists in the development of structures and remote control systems for various types of agricultural robots due to the general increase in demand for food in conditions of limited unleavened water reserves, high
more » ... es for mineral fertilizers and wages of the staff. The paper presents the classification of modern agricultural robots according to the degree of mobility, type of control system, working environment, industry and functional purpose. It is determined, that such robots are equipped with built-in development boards with microcontrollers or microprocessors, which everyone has on board, regardless of the design and type of the control system. In addition, remote control methods and tools are most often used to automate agricultural works, but automatic and autonomous mobile robots independently perform a much wider list of tasks, because they work on the basis of adaptive-intelligent control methods. The authors formulate the main tasks of monitoring and automatic control for the generalized agricultural mobile robot, in particular monitoring and automatic control of vectors of spatial motion parameters, operating parameters of technical equipment of movers, manipulators, gripping devices, as well as parameters of specified agricultural works and operations. The functional structure of the generalized agricultural mobile robot as a multi-coordinate control object, which takes into account the interaction of controlled coordinate vectors, control signals of propulsors, manipulators, grippers and process equipment, as well as perturbing effects on its individual components (body, propulsions, manipulators, gripping devices and technological equipment) is proposed in the paper.
doi:10.32347/2412-9933.2021.47.174-179 fatcat:g77qhfmmyfdn7ofliqgcci4bzq