I.R. Baikov, O.V. Smorodova, K.V. Segreeva
2016 Oil and Gas Business  
© Электронный научный журнал «Нефтегазовое дело». 2016. №6 calculation is made in consideration of each particular installation equipment ranks by the amount of circulating dangerous substance, its pressure and temperature. The calculations are performed for all installations of the technological chain of oil refining in the amount of 17 units. The Gini coefficient was started as a quantitative criterion of generalized assessment. The results of the Lorenz curve construction do
more » ... ve construction do it possible to determine the Gini index for each plant process unit. The calculation results has identified value of the coefficient in the range of 0,10 to 0,45. The conclusions on the distribution of comprehensive index of industrial installations for the dangers of the plant are done. The integrated industrial safety criteria for the refinery as a whole object are defined. It is shown the integral Gini index is of 0,377, and it has indicated the uneven distribution of the risk of fire or explosion in the plant technological facilities. Ключевые слова: технологическая установка, кривая Лоренца, коэффициент Джини, промышленная безопасность, ранжирование, бензин, сырая нефть, дизельное топливо, гудрон, рефлюкс, гидрогенизат, водородсодержащий и углеводородный газы.
doi:10.17122/ogbus-2016-6-138-150 fatcat:2txjahzcbzezlacycw3i6me6y4