Research comparison of foot plantar pressure on polyurethane visco elastic foam insole and EVA insole materials

Durairaj Dhanapal, Bahiru Melese, Liya Shawel, Kumaravel Sanmugam
2020 Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Advanced Materials and Systems   unpublished
The viscoelastic cushion insoles respond to the unique curves and pressures of our foot with every movement whether walking, running, playing, or exercising. Initially NASA, USA had developed viscoelastic foam insole to support astronauts during the heavy G force applied to the body during space flight. Nowadays ¼ inch thick layer of viscoelastic foam sandwiched between two layers of different types of foam are available commercially at a high cost. In our country, viscoelastic PU foams as
more » ... on inserts for shoes are imported from China. But the available materials are not scientifically characterized and optimized for the composition of PU for application as an insole for treating foot abnormalities. In this project PU, the viscoelastic foam was prepared using standard polyols and dissociates used by industries to prepare memory foam mattresses. The additives which are physiologically and environmentally safe were used.
doi:10.24264/icams-2020.i.7 fatcat:x5g6srhqfncwdpzeee6qo4jbiy