Norway lobster (Nephrops norvegicus) in Division 4.b, Functional Unit 8 (central North Sea, Firth of Forth)

Michala Ovens
ICES stock advice Please note: The present advice replaces the advice given in June 2017 for catches in 2018. ICES advises that when the MSY approach is applied, and assuming that discard rates and fishery selection patterns do not change from the average of 2014-2016, catches in 2018 should be no more than 2376 tonnes. In order to ensure the stock in Functional Unit (FU) 8 is exploited sustainably, management should be implemented at the FU level. In recent years, the catch in FU 8 has been
more » ... in FU 8 has been lower than advised, and if the difference is transferred to other FUs, this could result in non-precautionary exploitation of those FUs. Stock development over time The stock size has been above MSY Btrigger for most of the time-series. The harvest rate is varying and is now below FMSY. Figure 1 Norway lobster in Division 4.b, Functional Unit 8. Summary of the stock assessment. Long-term trends in catches, harvest rate, and underwater TV survey (UWTV) abundance (for animals greater than 17 mm) -used as F and SSB proxies. Orange lines show proxies for MSY Btrigger and FMSY. UWTV abundance is estimated by average densities per stratum area. Shaded areas for abundance are ±2 standard deviations (approximately 95% confidence intervals). Confidence intervals for harvest rates are derived from the confidence intervals for abundance. Harvest rates prior to 2006 may be unreliable due to underreporting of landings.
doi:10.17895/ fatcat:6225r7gr6nbvhfjzrsn3tfejtm