Shell model Monte Carlo method in thepn-formalism and applications to the Zr and Mo isotopes

C. Özen, D. J. Dean
2006 Physical Review C  
We report on the development of a new shell-model Monte Carlo algorithm which uses the proton-neutron formalism. Shell model Monte Carlo methods, within the isospin formulation, have been successfully used in large-scale shell-model calculations. Motivation for this work is to extend the feasibility of these methods to shell-model studies involving non-identical proton and neutron valence spaces. We show the viability of the new approach with some test results. Finally, we use a realistic
more » ... e a realistic nucleon-nucleon interaction in the model space described by (1p_1/2,0g_9/2) proton and (1d_5/2,2s_1/2,1d_3/2,0g_7/2,0h_11/2) neutron orbitals above the Sr-88 core to calculate ground-state energies, binding energies, B(E2) strengths, and to study pairing properties of the even-even 90-104 Zr and 92-106 Mo isotope chains.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.73.014302 fatcat:vo7hjdacnbdu7gkaaggqgexwi4