Fabrication, Properties and Microstructures of High Strength and High Conductivity Copper-Silver Wires / Otrzymywanie Oraz Własności I Mikrostruktura Wysokowytrzymałych I Wysoko Przewodzących Drutów Ze Stopów Cu-Ag

A. Kawecki, T. Knych, E. Sieja-Smaga, A. Mamala, P. Kwaśniewski, G. Kiesiewicz, B. Smyrak, A. Pacewicz
2012 Archives of Metallurgy and Materials  
Research results of manufacturing composite filamentary nanostructure Cu-Ag alloys with silver addition from 5 to 15% wt. are presented in the paper. Manufacturing technology of these composites and variable solubility of silver in copper and copper in silver in the range of solid solutions. Suitable quantity and processing sequences of high deformation plastic working and heat treatment allows to obtain wires constituted from Cu and Ag fibres with nanometric transverse dimensions and in
more » ... sions and in consequence provide to optimum superposition of high mechanical strength, high electrical conductivity and sufficient ductility of Cu-Ag alloys. The paper presents the method of continuous casting of alloys, selected physico-chemical properties and degree of deformation. Influence of chosen heat treatment method over electrical and mechanical properties of both casts and micro wires on mechanical and electrical properties of cast materials during converting them into micro wires with tensile strength higher than 1200 MPa and electrical conductivity higher than 40 MS/m are presented too. Research results of optical and scanning microscopy structure analysis were presented for casts and wires submitted to various thermo-mechanical strengthening.
doi:10.2478/v10172-012-0141-1 fatcat:g42neiahgjd43eaq27eioa67xi