The interrelationship between quality parameters of sperm before and after separation by gradient centrifugation

Z. Veznik, D. Svecova, A. Zajicova, Z. Reckova, J. Rubes
2008 Veterinární Medicína  
Significance of a short-time survival test for the prediction of quality parameters of sperm obtained by gradient centrifugation was evaluated from an aspect of their functional resistance. Frozen semen samples from 27 bulls before and after separation were assessed by a 120-min survival test. The evaluation of morphological examination of ejaculates was carried out using the SASMO computer program. Statistically significant interrelationship between sperm quality parameters in the initial
more » ... in the initial insemination doses, the amounts of obtained sperm after separation and their functional and vital resistance in the survival test was documented.
doi:10.17221/2051-vetmed fatcat:nbs5ixwhqbcrjcxjpqhr6pkocm