The Assimilation of Observations from the Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit over Sea Ice in the French Global Numerical Weather Prediction System

Fatima Karbou, Florence Rabier, Catherine Prigent
2014 Monthly Weather Review  
The aim of this study is to test the feasibility of assimilating microwave observations from the Advanced Microwave Sounding Units (AMSU-A and AMSU-B) through the implementation of an appropriate parameterization of sea ice emissivity. AMSU observations are relevant to the description of air temperature and humidity, and their assimilation into numerical weather prediction (NWP) helps better constrain models in regions where very few observations are assimilated. A sea ice emissivity model
more » ... issivity model suitable for AMSU-A and AMSU-B data is described in this paper and its impact is studied through two assimilation experiments run during the period of the Arctic winter. The first experiment is representative of the operational version of the M et eo-France NWP model whereas the second simulation uses the sea ice emissivity parameterization and assimilates a selection of AMSU channels above polar regions. The assimilation of AMSU observations over sea ice is shown to have a significant effect on atmospheric analyses (in particular those of temperature and humidity). The effect on temperature induces a warming in the lower troposphere, especially around 850 hPa. This leads to an increase in the Arctic inversion strength over the ice cap by almost 2 K. An improvement in medium-range forecasts is also noticed when the NWP model assimilates AMSU observations over sea ice.
doi:10.1175/mwr-d-13-00025.1 fatcat:vllxqatgqfg2li5omisvcfycw4