M. Aldybekova, B. Karibaev
In the article is shown the exceptional originality one of the great Kazakh heroes Karasay Altynuly (1589-1671), who became one of the famous heroes in the defense of the Motherland fight against to Zhungar invaders of the Kazakh people. In the article, hero's origin and his childhood, environment are based on the historical sources. Using such sources as Russian researchers like Levshin, Fisher, Miller and others. There are the most important that the author is based on the writings of Kazybek
more » ... Bek Tauasaruly, who was one of the witnesses of that time. He focused on studying the first and main military campaigns of Karasay batyr.
doi:10.24412/3453-9875-2021-61-45-47 fatcat:lqdfczep3vefpiu5ldjmfcmtle