UniPose: Unified Human Pose Estimation in Single Images and Videos [article]

Bruno Artacho, Andreas Savakis
2020 arXiv   pre-print
We propose UniPose, a unified framework for human pose estimation, based on our "Waterfall" Atrous Spatial Pooling architecture, that achieves state-of-art-results on several pose estimation metrics. Current pose estimation methods utilizing standard CNN architectures heavily rely on statistical postprocessing or predefined anchor poses for joint localization. UniPose incorporates contextual segmentation and joint localization to estimate the human pose in a single stage, with high accuracy,
more » ... hout relying on statistical postprocessing methods. The Waterfall module in UniPose leverages the efficiency of progressive filtering in the cascade architecture, while maintaining multi-scale fields-of-view comparable to spatial pyramid configurations. Additionally, our method is extended to UniPose-LSTM for multi-frame processing and achieves state-of-the-art results for temporal pose estimation in Video. Our results on multiple datasets demonstrate that UniPose, with a ResNet backbone and Waterfall module, is a robust and efficient architecture for pose estimation obtaining state-of-the-art results in single person pose detection for both single images and videos.
arXiv:2001.08095v1 fatcat:m4gplonkgjbvfadpaokvpam4c4