Nephrectomy of the Right Kidney for Chronic Abscess

1888 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
having met three times with absence of the fibro-cartilage, has undertaken the study of its use and significance. He regards the usual view that it practically establishes a correspondence between two surfaces that do not fit as erroneous. He maintains that, though the articular surfaces of the sternum and clavicle vary, still they do correspond. Having dissected a hundred joints, he finds that the articular surface of the clavicle which encroaches on the lower surface of the bone is distinctly
more » ... bone is distinctly convex vertically, and slightly concave from before backwards, and that the sterno-chondial joint is distinctly concave in the former direction, and very slightly convex in the latter. He then points out that the interarticular car-
doi:10.1056/nejm188805031181805 fatcat:gouwfmnw3zcehoddcwtwkrd5zy