Next generation sequencing to investigate genomic diversity in Caryophyllales [article]

Boas Pucker, Tao Feng, Samuel Brockington
2019 bioRxiv   pre-print
Caryophyllales are a highly diverse and large order of plants with a global distribution. While some species are important crops like Beta vulgaris, many others can survive under extreme conditions. This order is well known for the complex pigment evolution, because the red pigments anthocyanin and betalain occur with mutual exclusion in species of the Caryophyllales. Here we report about genome assemblies of Kewa caespitosa (Kewaceae), Macarthuria australis (Macarthuriaceae), and Pharnaceum
more » ... , and Pharnaceum exiguum (Molluginaceae) which are representing different groups in the Caryophyllales. The availability of these assemblies enhances molecular investigation of these species e.g. with respect to certain genes of interest.
doi:10.1101/646133 fatcat:5hxpsndognhx5jyxs2khc3izti