Formulation and Evaluation of once daily sustained release matrix tablets of Aceclofenac using natural gums

Sunil Kumar, Anup K Singh, S K Prajapati, Vijay K Singh
2012 Journal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics  
In present study, an attempt has been made to evaluate the effect of natural gums on the release profile of drug from matrix system for once daily sustained release tablets formulations. Aceclofenac NSAIDs was used as a model drug to evaluate it release characteristics from different matrices. Matrix tablets of Aceclofenac were prepared by direct compression process using natural gums (xanthan gum and karaya gum) in different ratios drug: gum ratios of FX, FK and FXK (FX and FK in 1:1 ratios).
more » ... he tablets were evaluated for physical characteristic like hardness, weight variation, friability, swelling index and drug content, in-vitro release of drug was performed in Phosphate buffer pH 7.4 for 24 hours. All the physical characteristic of fabricated tablet was within acceptable limits. The release of Aceclofenac from a gelatinous swollen mass, which controls the diffusion of drug molecules through the polymeric materials in to aqueous medium. The FXK matrices show prices controlled release than FX and FK matrices because of burst effect and fast release in case of FX and FK matrices respectively and there was no chemical interaction between drug and polymers in FXK formulation as confirmed by FTIR studies. The release mechanism was explained with zero order, first order, higuchi and korsmeyer equations via swelling and non fickian diffusion mechanism. The FXK matrices leads to more prices result than FX and FK alone by utilization of synergistic interaction between two biopolymers and uniformity in the hydration layer in dissolution media.
doi:10.22270/jddt.v2i1.57 fatcat:zcupa2nddndq7fpp7hzu66xmea